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After this Sunday, will the Anti-Tebow Crowd Give In?

15 Dec

The short answer is no.  The Anti-Tebow crowd first said he couldn’t do it and “he wasn’t ready”.  A few wins in and it was, “it won’t last long.”  Then after beating the Bears and their great defense (thanks to a Marion Barber fumble), it was “in spite of Tebow”, they’re winning.

It’s hard to argue with the naysayers, because they’re right to a degree.  Anyone watching Tebow play quarterback would have to say he wasn’t ready.  He’s playing into the position, but every game you can find plenty of passes that just don’t look like they belong in an NFL game.

Of course, it won’t last long.  At least this winning streak won’t last long.  If you said the 2007 New England Patriots winning streak wouldn’t last long, you were right.  In less than a year, they lost a game.  Sad for them it was in the Super Bowl, but they did lose.  Eventually Tebow and the Broncos will lose and Tebow will be the reason for a loss.

Are they winning now “in spite of” Tim Tebow?  That’s a bit more difficult for me to agree with though there’s no doubt the great defense and running game the Broncos present have just as much to do with this string of victories.  Tebow, with the help of Coach John Fox are playing the game to win every single quarter of every game, but that doesn’t mean that their approach is the same in every quarter.

Why can’t Tebow duplicate his incredible 4th Quarter stats throughout the rest of the game?  Why does he put balls in the turf in the 1st Quarter and hit his receivers in stride in the 4th?  Why, if he’s this prolific in the 4th, doesn’t Fox open up the offense earlier?  Why are they winning if they’re aren’t taking all the national analysts’ advice?

Coach Fox and Tebow are winning because they are risk adverse and their defense and running game allows them to play that way.  In the first three quarters, if Tebow sees an open man, but isn’t 100% confident in the play, he shorts the ball.  He isn’t playing with the confidence in his ability to read defenses and deliver the pass that a five-year veteran with a couple trips to the Pro Bowl would. The defense and the running game keep it close.  In the 4th, when Denver needs points and the time for avoiding risk is over, the Broncos and Tebow open it up.  Look at Oakland.  Don’t you think the Raiders would rather have the Risk Adverse Jason Campbell back with his 6 TDs, 4 INTs and a 4-2 record over Carson Palmer and his 9 TDs, 13 INTs and 3-4 record?

I believe Tebow is a confident man throughout the game, but that confidence also comes with an understanding of his limitations currently.  He’s a young QB with less than a season of in-game experience.  Perhaps he’s reading the defenses for three quarters and finally feels he has a total grasp of what they’re doing in the 4th.  Perhaps he simply is the NFL’s answer to Big Shot Rob.  Robert Horry had a decent career if you eliminate the last few minutes of crucial playoff games.  If you include them, he’s legendary.  He simply performs better when the game is on the line.  It appears Tebow suffers from the same affliction.  He gets better when his team really needs him.  So is it just the 4th Quarter, or can Tebow perform well outside of the final minutes?

Take a look at the Broncos win over the Vikings.  Tebow passed for over 200 yards and actually had his best quarter in the 3rd.  His team was down and at risk of falling far behind.  Time to perform and time to err on the side of Reward rather than Risk.  He went 3 for 4, with 79 yards passing, and 2 touchdowns.  Those are amazing numbers, especially for a guy many say can’t play the position.

This game Sunday is one circled on my calendar for the last month, because when Tebow’s Broncos started this streak I compared them to the Patriots.  These two teams are direct opposites, but yet are functioning with similar philosophies.  The Patriots can’t run the ball.  They play attrocious defense.  They have one of the most dangerous passing games in the league.  The Broncos are a dominate running team.  They play stifling defense.  They have a questionable passing game throughout most of the game.  Both teams play to their strengths and focus and avoid risk for most of the game.  The Broncos keep it slow and low scoring if possible so they don’t have to rely on their offense and the Patriots try to blow out the other team so they don’t have to rely on their defense.

Pitting these two together is a dream come true for a football fan.  No matter what side of the Tebow argument you fall on, you have to wonder which strength prevails in this contest.  You also have to ponder, if the Broncos can limit the Patriots offense or if Tebow can lift the Broncos offense to keep pace with New England, who do you trust in crunch time?  You can never pick against Brady.  He’s near flawless in late game situations.  Of course, Tebow comes alive in those moments too and he’s got a running game that can keep the ball away from Brady.

No matter the outcome of the game on Sunday, the Anti-Tebow crowd is still going to predict failure and they’ll be right.  Of course, there’s nothing in Tebow’s personality that seems to say that he’ll accept losing and won’t bounce back.  If the Patriots get the win Sunday, my guess is they’ll see Tebow and his Broncos again in the playoffs.  And perhaps by then, he and Coach Fox will be leaning a little more on the Reward side of thing rather than Risk, but I doubt it.  Go with what got you here.  Avoid risk until the situation demands you grab the reward.


The Greatness of being a Daddy on the Weekend

24 Oct

My weekend was long.  Long in that it was exhausting.  I’m going to ache for days exhausting.  But it was good.

Being a Daddy changed my life considerably over the last few years.  At first it seemed that the change meant a lot of what I loved in life was going away.  Watching sports, playing video games, hanging out with the guys, and watching movies in the theater all had to suffer.  Truthfully,I sacrificed the movies in the theater almost completely.  Hanging out with the guys is less weekly now and more quarterly.  Sports are now on the DVR or via NFL Rewind.  The video games get played once or twice a week around midnight.  And yet my life is better.

You see, I get to do things that the single, childless me never got to do.  I get to completely embrace the kid in me.  Take Saturday night for instance.  My wife really wanted to take our girls to the Del Mar Pumpkin Patch and so off we went.  It wasn’t cheap, ($30 I think) but had a ton of rides and attractions for little kids.

There was the carousel that my daughter didn’t want to get off.  “I just want to ride the horsey Daddy!”

There was the rocket ship that went around and around and she slapped high-five with the operator every lap.

There was the tea-cup type ride that she loved spinning around and around in with Daddy on board.  Dizzy fun.

There was the little train that she road for about 10 minutes and smiled for the entire time (except when I was taking pictures.)

There was the bouncy house and little inflatable slide where she expended as much energy as possible and giggled non-stop.

And there was the petting zoo, which we never made it to.

Why, might you ask, did we miss the petting zoo?  A petting zoo is gold with little kids and she had asked to go, but something else grabbed a hold of her and would not let go.  The GIANT inflatable slide.  Huge.  At least two stories high and probably closer to three.  And she had to ride it.  Since it was a little high and all the kids on it made it a bit dangerous for a tiny two-year old toddler to get tossed around, Daddy had to go.  The steep climb to the top required me to carry her up over and over and over and over.  And over and over and over.

“Again Daddy!  Again!”

The upside to carrying her to the top time after time was that I got to ride the giant slide over and over.  My back was killing me afterwards, my legs burned, and I was totally exhausted, but I was a kid again.  I had the wonderful opportunity to slide as fast as I could, laughing aloud, because I had my toddler in my arms.  At almost 40 years old, I did something I’ve probably wanted to do every time I saw one of these giants slides over the last 30 years, but it just seemed socially unacceptable then.  Now, I’ve got a kid, so it’s okay and endearing when I play with children.  It was great.

To balance things out, there was Sunday’s slide.  Family photo day at the railroad park in Poway and of course, the two-year old getting some time in on the playground was a must.

“Daddy, will you go with me?”

“That’s okay Beautiful.  I’ll watch you.”

“Please Daddy.”

She knows how to get me to do almost anything and that simple elongated please does it every time.

So, I climbed up into very cramped quarters and a half covered slide gave birth to me.  Yep, it was a tight fit and I think that one ride down hurt more than the twenty the night before.  That’s a little lesson to first time parents.  Playgrounds are meant for people under 4 feet tall and 80 lbs.  How does the weight come into play?  Remember that the “M” means mass in E=mc squared and in this case the increased mass meets the low resistance of the slide and you gain speed.  Some serious speed on some slides.  Sunday I didn’t find myself airborne, but it has happened coming off a kiddie slide before.

By 5pm Sunday afternoon, with my eldest daughter’s weekend completed, she, my wife, and my baby girl all drifted off for a little nap.  Finally, I got some NFL action.  I love my DVR.  Without it I would’ve missed nearly every minute of my Mavericks winning their first ever championship this summer and I’d miss almost every minute of the Chargers’ every Sunday afternoon.  Then after 9pm, when I was folding clothes, I had the laptop propped up in front of me with NFL Rewind giving me the Cowboys’ game replay.  Granted I have to stay away from my phone, TV, and the internet all day on a Sunday to watch the games like that, but at least I get to watch them.

So, the weekend concluded with rocking the exhausted two-year old to sleep at 10pm.  She’d fought sleep after dinner for about 90 minutes and since my wife drifted off again, I got the “closer” opportunity.  There really is very little that’s more rewarding than being the closer at bed time.  You have a child tired beyond words and all you have to do is answer a few random two-year old questions, hold her, rock her slowly, and see her eyes flutter shut.  The over the top benefit last night was that when she closed her eyes, I got a simple, sweet, “I love you Daddy.”  And she snuggled in real close and was done.  So was I.  Heart melted.  I love being Daddy, especially on the weekends.