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I believe in Religious Freedoms, but the Church is getting too many breaks

10 Feb

A while back I was watching The Daily Show and though they obviously broadcast with a liberal agenda, it’s generally a fact based provider of news.  The story they covered was on the freedoms that The Church or religious organizations have.  Churches can terminate employees without the risk or repercussions secular organizations must follow.  That seemed like more than just religious freedom or protection.  This policy gives too much latitude to a Church to treat their people right. Then the Supreme Court backed up the Church and basically told people that they had no legal recourse if terminated by a Church.  Wow!  Of course, this is the same court that said Corporations are people too, so I’m not really surprised.

So, let’s start this discussion with my belief that Churches get too many breaks.

Then the new Contraception rules were released by President Obama and I honestly thought they went too far to restrict freedoms.  Requiring a Church to provide contraception coverage to women when the Church actually has a long-standing position against contraception seems wrong.  It’s actually challenging a Church’s principles and freedoms.  I truly believe that if you decide to work for a church, you should prepare to submit to the church’s beliefs and rules.  At least while you’re at work.  And you shouldn’t expect the church to help or pay for you to break their rules or beliefs.

But that’s not the whole story and I was looking at it in a limited capacity.

I read further, because my wife fervently disagreed with my position and that’s a rarity.  If she stands against me on a topic, then we need to discuss it further.  I prefer us to see eye to eye on everything so we debate things to see other points of view.  She’s an incredibly intelligent woman and I would be foolish not to consider her input.  So, I read more to better understand the topic.  Here’s the thing I didn’t realize.  These religious freedoms are not just being applied to Churches.  They apply to Churches and their affiliated organizations likes schools, universities, and hospitals.  That, is over-reaching.  That is over protection of religious freedoms.

If you work for a Church, you should expect to follow their rules.  If you work for the St. Somebody Hospital, you they should treat you the same as an employee of any other organization.  That SAINT in front of the organization’s name shouldn’t protect the company from their legal obligations to their employees.  Unfortunately, according to our government, they do.

Good news is that Obama found a fair, in my opinion, concession to the Church (& affiliated religious organizations) regarding the New Contraception Law.  Now they have the freedom to not offer contraception coverage in their insurance plans to their employees, but all insurance companies must offer it for free.  Sure, it’s really about semantics, because the Church is offering the coverage despite their objections, but since these religious freedoms are too far-reaching, I think it’s a fair compromise.

Along those lines, the government just plays with words when they say they don’t federally fund abortions.  Planned Parenthood gets money from the government to provide a lot of excellent services (not abortions) for women.  Of course, when money comes in from one area, it isn’t guaranteed to never touch the money from another part of a company.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Of course, in that case, it’s more about accountants playing with numbers rather than words.  I personally don’t have a strong opinion on federal funding of abortions (since there are numerous situations where I can see the need for Planned Parenthood’s most controversial services), but I do find it humorous whenever the topic comes up.

So now I probably upset everyone who read this in one way or another.  I guess my job is done here.

** By the way, I’m a Christian and a life long member of various religious organizations.  I was, at one time, fervently Pro-Life, but my position evolved over time.  The Pro-Life crowd actually turned me against them with their harsh words.  I believe if you’re Pro-Life, you should approach the subject in love.  And not just Love for the unborn, but Love for the woman going through the ordeal of an unplanned pregnancy.  Operate in some grace and maybe more people will listen to your point of view.  Maybe you can actually help someone.


The Comment Section and My Addiction

25 Oct

Hi, my name is Ryan and I have a problem.  I cannot stop reading the comments at the end of any article I find on  I don’t know why I do it or exactly what my sick obsession is, but I believe it has something to do with keeping myself aware of how disturbed and sad people behave at times.

The two things that stand out the most in the comments are one, their political affiliation so overwhelms their life that a story on any random news event solicits an “It’s all Obama’s fault” reaction or “Bush created this mess!”  The second is the complete disregard for human decency.    That’s the biggest one.

After reading some of the horrific things people post, I’m struggle with wondering if there is such a thing as human decency.  You’ll read an unbelievably sad story about a kid that’s been kept in a cage all his life and died without ceremony because of a lack of personal contact and food, and the first comment says he probably deserved everything he got. will lead with stories of abduction and people show absolutely no regard for any of the family members as they put forth their dark ideas of what probably happen to the child.  It’s sickening.

And yet I still read the comments.

Maybe I’m searching for material to write about.  Perhaps I examine the sick comments in the hopes that I’ll find the deep, thoughtful, and genuinely insightful analysis that the article was lacking.  I have to believe that for all the demented people out there that post sick and disturbed thoughts in the Comments section, there are plenty that are kind and caring individuals who don’t want to post.

The good news, for me, is that I trust that though people explore their darker side on the internet, they are still good at heart.   Even if their words and actions show otherwise, I have to trust that a person, at their core, is good.  There are certainly exceptions to every rule, but even a villain is the hero of their own story and believes they are doing right through whatever flawed logic they are embracing.  So are they demented people in this world posting on the internet?  Yes.  Do I think most of them are as dark and disturbed as their words suggest?  Nope.

They do, however, give me plenty of ideas for my next short story, screenplay, or novel.

Political Poetry and The Trail to Fail

21 Oct



Footfalls precede arrival

Jogging around my ‘hood

Bumper flags show such gall

Battling the collective good


Tea Parties For Lil’ Girls

One Blasts at Passer Bys

Gays are Ending The World

The next to advertise


The ring of dissent grows

Our nation pulled in two

Grand collection of foes

Enemies we must choose.


The government stands still

Entrapped in nothingness

Fights for “the people’s will”

And keeps us in this mess.


Few await one lone voice

Clear, without partisan

Saying, “this ain’t a choice”

To better our great land.


Big government is wrong

But small has its limit

There has to be a bond

No sole claim “I did it.”


Both sides work together

And meet in the middle

Now light as a feather

This is not a riddle!


Once our informed leaders

View opponents as friends

Part of a theater

Seeking a kindred end.


I trust they will inspire

and stop the one way rail

Finish the verbal fire

Divert our trail to fail.


– Ryan Schulze 10-21-11


Hello world!

9 Sep

I’m a radio guy.  An actor.  A writer.  And most of all these days, a Daddy.  Yeah, pretty much everything took a backseat to being a Daddy 2 1/2 years ago when my first little girl was born.  I still tried to work (as much as 30 hours a week) with my wife full-time too, but when my wife’s work ballooned to some 90 hour work weeks and baby number 2 came along this year, things changed.  With my wife’s more regular hours now, we are now figuring out how to really get me back into the workforce (more than my current 1-2 days a week) and still avoid hiring a nanny full-time.

I hope you spend some time here occasionally, but mostly this page is for me.  I’m a talk radio guy and I need to share my life, my opinion, and my analysis of current events.  It’s just part of who I am.  One of the hardest things I have ever done was spend a week as a Juror Alternate.  I listened to a case for a week, analyzed facts, came to a strong opinion, and then once the defense was finished, I was excused.  Yep, as an alternate, you get excused without being able to give your opinion on the case.  It was awful.

So, you’ll find movie reviews here (my former blogging focus in my morning show days), sports analysis (I am a former sports broadcasting type guy afterall), video game rants (I still play after 30 years), Politics (since Washington makes me sick on an almost daily basis), and more than anything, ramblings about being a Daddy.  I think.  We’ll see how it develops.