The Math in Sam Hurd’s Drug World

16 Dec

As a lover of math, I couldn’t help but delve into the numbers involved in the Chicago Wide Receiver’s recent drug related arrest.  It’s like a fun little word problem you see in one of those movies where the teacher finally connects with the inner city youth by speaking in terms they can understand.  Nevermind that any of us can process the purchasing and selling of drugs for profit a lot easier than figuring out exactly where two trains traveling at different speeds will meet.

So, according to, Sam Hurd was arrested after trying to set up the routine purchase 5 to 10 kilograms of cocaine (@ $25,000 a kilo) and 1,000 lbs. of marijuana (@$450 lb.) a week for distribution.  So we can see that Sam had the cash on hand to pay $575,000 to $700,000 a week for drugs.  Seems like a lot of money, but break it down and you can certainly understand where Sam came up with the cash.

A quick internet search brought up that the average price of cocaine is somewhere in the $100 a gram range.  It’s probably higher, but lets keep the numbers simple for this exercise.  I also found an average price of medium quality marijuana to run about $100 an ounce, bringing the price per pound at about $1,600.  Let’s plug them into our equations.

$100 gram of coke X 1,000 grams per kilogram X a minimum of 5 kilograms a week = $500,000 revenue

$500,000 – ($25,000 a kilogram purchase price X 5 kilograms purchased) = $375,000 profit a week

$100 oz. marijuana X 16 oz. per pound X 1,000 pounds purchased = $1,600,000 revenue

$1,600,000 – ($450 a lb. purchase price X 1,000 lbs. purchased) = $1,150,000 profit a week

So, Sam Hurd’s side business was expecting to make him $1,525 million a week in TAX FREE profit.

Bringing in over $1.5 million a week in profit would seem to make the $575,000 layout practical.  You might wonder how someone works their way up to running this serious of a tab on drug buys?  Well, Sam just got a $1.35 million signing bonus this summer to play Wide Receiver for the Chicago Bears and his three-year contract would pay him $685,000 this season and more the following two seasons.

There, now we spent some time with Math for the day and we can forget about it until the cashier at the mall kiosk can’t process the appropriate change for a $20.

(PS…feel free to correct any math errors…if my brilliant math wiz wife has a minute, I’ll have her scrutinize my work too)


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