GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 Just Announced

25 Oct

Rockstar Games just posted on their website, a banner for GRAND THEFT AUTO V with a the new trailer debuting next week on November 2nd.  Excited?  I kind of am.  I buy every GTA game (since 3) and never complete more than 10% of the game, but always have a blast with them.  The open world, gameplay, and impressive visuals always make it a blast.  Without any details yet, though, I’m wondering where they’re going with this one.

We were an inner city gangbanger in GTA3.  We reveled in the Miami Vice soaked 80’s in Vice City.  We really got to know a flawed hero in Niko in GTA IV.  Where does 5 go?  LA NOIRE had a different development team, but still under the ROCKSTAR brand so are we going to see some of that style of animation and reading the details in body language?  Will GTAV be set in current times, the 30’s, the late 80’s Wall Street, or something set in the distant future?  Actually, I’m banking on being a good guy type of gang member looking to take down the rich and powerful and dirty Wall Street type kingpin.  Top bad guys nowadays in movies and video games are Muslim Terrorists, The North Korean Government, and the group everyone can hate, Big Bank Tycoons.

I’m also curious about the content outside of the single player campaign.  With GTA IV, Rockstar tried it’s hand at multiplayer online and then refined the concept a great deal for RED DEAD REDEMPTION.  What did they learn from both of those outings that will prepare them for something truly great this time?  I only really tried my hand at the racing in GTAIV‘s online mode and the gunfights in RDR, but they didn’t pull me away from my addiction to FPS’s.

The first trailer hits next week and then maybe we’ll know more.  Until then, all we can do is speculate which always lots of fun.


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