Political Poetry and The Trail to Fail

21 Oct



Footfalls precede arrival

Jogging around my ‘hood

Bumper flags show such gall

Battling the collective good


Tea Parties For Lil’ Girls

One Blasts at Passer Bys

Gays are Ending The World

The next to advertise


The ring of dissent grows

Our nation pulled in two

Grand collection of foes

Enemies we must choose.


The government stands still

Entrapped in nothingness

Fights for “the people’s will”

And keeps us in this mess.


Few await one lone voice

Clear, without partisan

Saying, “this ain’t a choice”

To better our great land.


Big government is wrong

But small has its limit

There has to be a bond

No sole claim “I did it.”


Both sides work together

And meet in the middle

Now light as a feather

This is not a riddle!


Once our informed leaders

View opponents as friends

Part of a theater

Seeking a kindred end.


I trust they will inspire

and stop the one way rail

Finish the verbal fire

Divert our trail to fail.


– Ryan Schulze 10-21-11


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