To E-Read or Not To E-Read

18 Oct

So, now Amazon’s got me really intrigued.  They have a new e-reader, call it the Kindle Lite, for just $79.  Yep, under a $100 for an excellent e-reader.  The price is a bit misleading, because that’s the ad-supported version.  Ad free, it runs $109.  I’d probably go with the one with the Ads since they supposedly only appear when you’re on the homepage or as you’re powering down or up.  No big deal there.  It doesn’t have sound or a QWERTY keyboard.  It doesn’t even have a touch screen keyboard so surfing is a bit of a chore as you have to scroll through letters to type.  It’s WiFi only.  No 3G support.  All disappointing, but if you’re just using it as an e-reader, then do you really need audio, 3G, color, a keyboard, or any of the other fancy bells and whistles found on the more expensive versions.  Honestly, if I was going with one of the pricier, more robust models, I’d probably just invest in a tablet pc or an iPad.

Therein lies my problem.  My phone is practically dead and despite Verizon‘s current refusal to do anything to rectify the problem, they are going to help me eventually and then I need a new phone.  Do I step up to a sweet smart phone with a large brilliant display that will be e-reader enough for me OR do I remain a generation behind with a standard phone?  I like having a multimedia device at my fingertips and being able to watch videos anywhere at anytime is a nice feature, not to mention the music for soothing my little girls.  Of course, any phone can handle the music and I, more than most people, could really do with less TV in my life.

So, I think for now, I’ll probably wait.  I will get my new phone at some point and try reading on it and then see if an e-reader is something I need.  No books to buy, keep track of, store, give away, or protect is a nice plus.  Little girls crying…gotta run.


2 Responses to “To E-Read or Not To E-Read”

  1. Mickey Mills October 18, 2011 at 8:19 pm #

    I took the Android plunge recently “Droid Bionic.” As far as I know it is a phone as well. Between Angry Birds, Drag Racing, Facebook, and the camera, I’m not really sure. The gadget rings occasionally. I think it’s the phone.

    On a side note… I love my Kindle. I think I may hand-me-down my Kindle and order the Amazon Fire after I hear user comments when they start hitting the streets.

    • schulzey October 19, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

      My brother and his roommate are always displaying their dueling smartphones. One is an i-phone lover and the other complete Android pimp. My sad little phone does nothing to impress them…except the pictures. It does take nice pics. I’m trying to decide if I need all the connectivity and features a smart phone allows along with that extra $30 a month Verizon demands. Or do I switch providers next summer and avoid some of Verizon’s fees. I’ve been on the verge of buying an e-reader for a year, but just keep looking at how many books I actually do buy. Of course, I just deleted a ton off of my DVR to make room in my life for more reading (and writing). I know once I go down the Kindle path, I won’t be turning back.

      By the way, thanks for the comment. My first. It’s appreciated.

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