“Best Sandwich Ever” OR Ramblings about feeling at home?

18 Oct

I decided to join up with WordPress’ Daily Post and among other things, they give an idea daily to help you find something to write about.  I imagine some of the ideas are really great and some average.  Today’s post idea is your BEST SANDWICH EVER with a $5,000 limit on what you’d spend.  Though I love food and consider myself a bit of a foodie, I seriously doubt I could devote a great deal of passion and time into writing about the greatest sandwich.  Check that.  I could, but I don’t really want to.  Of course, the thought of the best sandwich ever leads me to two vivid memories.  The first was the unbelievable six-foot sub sandwich that my dad and brother built for my college graduation party.  Very tasty.  My dad discovered the key to a great homemade sandwich years ago and that’s Italian Dressing.  A splash of Salt & Pepper with Oregano will do the trick in a pinch, but Italian Dressing gives you the oily creaminess to go with it.  There are pictures of the spectacle, but it’s on another computer and I’m feeling lazy tonight.  There are also pictures of my face buried in my cake as a couple of female friends thought it funny to prank me.  I laughed.  And that corner of the cake was all mine.

The second image was that amazing egg sandwich Adam Sandler‘s Chef in Spanglish prepared for himself and sat down to eat at midnight with a stout beer.  What about that scene wasn’t awesome?  Coming home to a quiet (at that moment) house; preparing a perfect egg, bacon, tomato, lettuce, and cheese sandwich; pairing it with a hearty beer; and savoring the flavors all alone.  Too bad he didn’t get to eat it.  If you’ve never had the chance to enjoy a great egg sandwich, below is the video of the chef preparing the sandwich for Sandler and the recipe’s included at the end.

That image from the film got me dreaming of the day I’ll own a single family home.  A real, true, large, single family home with enough space and rooms that I’ll be able to enjoy myself in one part of the house as loud or quietly as I like without disturbing or being disturb by the rest of the house.

Currently, we own and live in a wonderful town home in Encinitas, CA.  It’s in a beautiful location and I feel truly blessed to live here, but the 1600 square feet started closing in on me as soon as the first child appeared.  Now with baby #2 seven months old, the toddler and infant “stuff” gobbles up more space daily, and now I finally just unplugged my subwoofer.

My very good $500 Mirage Sub Woofer.  I also have a 50″ Plasma TV with 7.1 Surround Sound and the four In Ceiling speakers all have 8″ woofers.  The system is auditory brilliance when running at full capacity.  MASTER & COMMANDER sounds incredibly realistic.  The thuds of heavy shoes pounding the deck above the Captain as he barks out orders is perfect.  Unfortunately, that level of bass disturbs the neighbors with shared walls (one neighbor told his little girl it was just ghosts) and those sleeping little girls under my own roof.  I tried to have a guys’ nite once where my wife took the girls upstairs and we gamed loudly downstairs until 1am.  Had fun, but it was tough on my wife and my eldest.  She’s not yet at an age where she understands that people are over, but they’re not here to see her.  And then there’s the noise that travel’s throughout the house.  Our master bedroom is fairly immune to noise pollution, but not six guys drinking and talking smack at midnight.

Now that I write this, I think I’ll try it again.  We just got new windows upstairs that should help cut down the amount of sound that travels out the front door and up through those old crap single pane windows and my eldest is 2 1/2 years old and a little more likely to understand.  Plus she’ll have mommy and a tv and probably a DVD of TANGLED to enthrall her.  Now, I gotta figure out the date.

So…the best sandwich $5,000 could buy…any one that I could eat quietly, all alone, in my home, late at night, with a Newcastle Brown Ale on the side.  Given the time, materials, and energy, the Spanglish Sandwich would be it.

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