Preparing for our annual Tahoe Trek

12 Sep

A couple years ago, we were searching for a place to drive to with our newborn that’d be fun, different, and not too far away.  We have an excellent Time Share, but it’s on the Strip in Vegas, and with kids, we don’t really use it so we looked for a place to trade and came across LAKE TAHOE.  I’d heard stories of Tahoe, but had never been so off we went and FELL in LOVE.  It’s just gorgeous up there and the ride up the 395 is beautiful too.

So as we prepare for a trip in October for the Salmon run and the possibility of seeing bears and witnessing a beautiful change of color to the fall, I started to contemplate one thing last week.  The best Tahoe has to offer is available with a little hiking.  Now, my wife doesn’t even own boots, so anything real extreme is out of the question, but to just walk down a path for a mile or two is going to take some preparation.  Why?  Well, with a two little girls along and most paths not really being Stroller Friendly, we’re gonna have to each strap a kid to us.

My wife, with a little daily walking, should be fine to carry the infant in a sling.  However, I’m going to have to carry a 23 lb. little girl in a backpack and I’m hardly in the shape that I used to be.  So, it’s all about building up to the trip.  Saturday I got out with the pack on for about 20 minutes, but this was my first real test.  Of course, since I’m rarely the one looking to EASE into anything, I overdid it.  Hiked up and down a small hill behind our house about 10 times and then took the stroller with the 6 month old, the dog on a leash, and the 2 1/2 year old in the backpack for an hour plus walk around the neighborhood.

It’s 11pm now and I’m tired, but I don’t hurt yet.  Actually, I expect Tuesday will be okay too, but I’m dreading Wednesday.  That two day rule after a harsh workout will probably rear its ugly head and I’ll feel a little less than awesome.  Nonetheless, I feel I’m really off and running in getting ready for my trip.  Now, I gotta make sure I got that rental SUV secured so we got something to get us and all our luggage there.


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