My 9/11 Celebration?

11 Sep

I know that we were Supposed To remember the 10 Year Anniversary of 9/11 in a special and patriotic fashion.  Unfortunately, as patriotic a guy as I am, a number of things trumped that on Sunday.  It starts with the fact that I find the depressing nature of most “we survived the terror attacks” to be anti-intuitive to my way of thinking.  If we survived and won’t be terrorized, then we can remember without depression.  We move on.  We’re stronger.  Our spirit is triumphant, not defeated.

So, my focus on Sunday was two fold.  #1, the NFL Opening Day and #2 Being a Daddy.

For the NFL, I had to help get the Fantasy Freaking Football broadcast on the air on Rock 105.3.  I’m not running the show anymore since it’s an hour plus round trip for a two hours of work and very little money on a Sunday morning, but my presence was requested for one more training session with the new guy running the show.  So, I started my day buried in my Fantasy Football Team and before I left, made sure my DVR was properly set.  Record the Pregame show and the first 15 minutes of the game so I could catch the 9/11 tributes, the Chargers game, the NBC Sunday Night NFL Show for highlights, and the Cowboys game on Sunday Night football since I’m from Texas and love my Cowboys.

When I got home from my fantasy football venture, #2 took over before I got to revel in a day of NFL.  There was a Greek Festival down the street and the World Wide Web offered the possibility of pony rides.  So, empowered by the DVR, I got off the couch and took both girls and my wife to the festival.  Alas no ponies were present, but we did find some fun Greek skirts that were all jingly and sequined that Leilani, the 2 1/2 year old absolutely loved.  LOVED!  That made the trip worth it as she danced back to the car.  We also picked up a number of excellent Greek desserts including fresh Baklava.  I didn’t really partake much since my tummy was a little tender due to taste testing food from the fridge post blackout.  Call me curious.  Or stupid.  I didn’t want to waste food and I couldn’t really offer anything to Leilani or my breast feeding wife without testing it first.

So after the trip, everyone passed out and I got to watch football.  Nearly 6 hours without interruption.  It was great.  Until the end when Tony Romo threw an awful interception and WE (yeah, I’m part of the team) lost the game.  That’s the rough part of the NFL.  Only one game a week and when you lose the opening game, you have to live with that horrible taste in your mouth for another week.  Plus, being a Cowboys fan, and a loud annoying one at that, I get to be abused on Facebook for my passion.  Luckily, I don’t live and die with the team like I did before I spent a decade in Sports Radio.  That’ll toughen up anyone’s thin skin.

All in all, a good day.  I got to watch plenty of football, spend a little time in radio, and still earned bonus points as a good daddy.  So, that’s how I celebrated 9/11.  And you?


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